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About me


I'm a senior JavaScript developer specializing in Vue, elegant CSS, and semantic, accessible HTML. I currently put those skills to use at Aware3 building software to help nonprofits engage with their communities.

There's a bit more about my tech toolbox on my uses page.


Front-end developer at WP Engine; Tier 2 support team tech lead at Flywheel; WordPress instructor for Aim Code School; graphic designer; seasoned bartender who makes a pretty good old fashioned; deservedly struggling musician.


Maker of the game Quina (web / Google Play Store); hobby coder; author of a frequently neglected blog; font hoarder; husband; dad (with both the jokes and bod to match); fairly ordinary white dude in tech striving to be an LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC ally and advocate; cold brew addict; author of over ten thousand tweets, a few of which are decent; occasional conference speaker; pun enthusiast; accessibility and inclusion advocate; dog owner and lover; lifelong Nintendo fan; musician/guitarist/hack pianist/aggressively mediocre singer; liberal abuser of semicolons.

Currently: Omaha; previously: Kansas City, Manhattan (KS), Oklahoma City, middle of nowhere, Kansas.