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About me


I'm a front-end engineer on the Support Experience team at Flywheel; I help build and improve tools and workflows for Flywheel's users and the good folks supporting them.

I enjoy working at the intersection of design and code, creating accessible, performant, user-focused UIs and designs. While I work with Vue and Ruby on Rails on the job, JAMstack is my jam. I love working with Vue (so I'm a big fan of Nuxt and Gridsome), but I also really dig Svelte and have worked with React on some projects, too.


Graphic designer; WordPress instructor for Interface Web School; support team lead at Flywheel; seasoned bartender who makes a mean margarita from scratch.


Omaha, Nebraska resident; hobby coder; author of a frequently neglected blog; font hoarder; husband; dad (with the jokes to match); fairly ordinary white dude in tech trying to be an ally and advocate; author of thousands of tweets, some decent; occasional conference speaker; pun enthusiast; accessibility and inclusion advocate; dog owner and lover; massive Nintendo fan; musician; liberal abuser of semicolons.


I coded this chart from unquantifiable, subjective, and highly fluid data, which may or may not be partially arranged just to make it fit nicely.

  • Vue Enjoyment: 86%; expertise: 86%.
  • Svelte Enjoyment: 93%; expertise: 64%.
  • HTML Enjoyment: 40%; expertise: 84%.
  • CSS Enjoyment: 91%; expertise: 90%.
  • JavaScript Enjoyment: 73%; expertise: 86%.
  • WordPress Enjoyment: 65%; expertise: 86%.
  • React Enjoyment: 58%; expertise: 56%.
  • PHP Enjoyment: 36%; expertise: 43%.
  • Nuxt Enjoyment: 85%; expertise: 72%.
  • Gridsome Enjoyment: 79%; expertise: 69%.
  • Ruby Enjoyment: 44%; expertise: 39%.
  • Rails Enjoyment: 28%; expertise: 50%.
  • Node Enjoyment: 25%; expertise: 16%.
  • Git Enjoyment: 44%; expertise: 50%.
  • MySQL Enjoyment: 12%; expertise: 39%.
  • Serverless Enjoyment: 45%; expertise: 24%.
  • Accessibility Enjoyment: 64%; expertise: 60%.
  • RegEx Enjoyment: 50%; expertise: 73%.
  • Performance Enjoyment: 54%; expertise: 80%.
  • GraphQL Enjoyment: 57%; expertise: 27%.