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  • A New Headless Site with Gridsome

    A lengthy write-up diving into what headless means, its advantages and disadvantages, some of the techniques and gotchas involved, and, finally, the new design of this site specifically.

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  • How to Connect Local with CodeKit

    Local (formerly known as Local by Flywheel) is the go-to tool for developing WordPress websites—where else?—locally. It’s fast (especially the new “lightning” release), incredibly easy to use, cross-platform, and completely free. Full disclosure: I currently work for Flywheel, the software company behind Local. But I’m being 100% honest when I say there’s no other tool […]

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  • How to Check Uniqueness in an Array of Objects in JavaScript

    Working with arrays of objects in JavaScript can be difficult. This post covers how to ensure all object keys (IDs) are unique, and how to find non-unique values.

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