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Hi, I’m Josh. I'm a frontend developer, designer, writer, and teacher.


Senior frontend developer at Shopify; maker and designer of the word games Quina (iOS/Android/web) and Hondo (iOS/Android/web); writer of the CSS Tricks series A Complete Beginner's Guide to NPM; tech blogger (both freelance and here on this site); author of an open-source SvelteKit static blog starter (repo/demo); occasional freelance developer/designer.


Senior JavaScript developer at Aware3; front-end engineer at WP Engine; senior support lead at Flywheel; course instructor for AIM Code School; graphic designer; Omaha, Nebraska resident; seasoned bartender who makes a pretty good old fashioned.


Hobby coder; font hoarder; husband; dad (jokes/bod); accessibility advocate; cold brew consumer; DEI accomplice; occasional public speaker; pun enthusiast; curious learner; dog person; Nintendo fan; musician/guitarist/hack pianist; he/him/his; recent immigrant to Kansas City; liberal abuser of semicolons.