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Featured project: Quina

Quina is a strategic, logical word game, built from scratch with Nuxt. The gameplay is based on classic pen-and-paper word games (think: Mastermind, but with words), but the app and design are 100% original.

Quina was released December 2020 as a progressive web app and on the Google Play store. Version 2.0 was released in spring 2022 (with an overhauled game board, a daily puzzle mode, and new achievements). Version 2.0 was also released on the iOS App Store.

SvelteKit static blog starter

A fully open-source, pre-configured starter for a SvelteKit blog. Includes Markdown and Sass preprocessing; has mdsvex with rehype plugins pre-installed; and includes automatic prefetching of top-level routes, an RSS feed, and a JSON API.

CSS Easing playground

Created for this blog post, this interactive playground lets you examine how a variety of easing curves look and feel, and allows you to draw up your own and copy the CSS.

Every curve on the page is an SVG, including the interactive demo, which is accessible across device types. The curve redraws in real time as the handles are moved, and an animated node follows the curve to demonstrate the movement.

CodePen Projects

A sampling of some games and experiments I've built on CodePen, mostly in Vue, but some in React or vanilla JS as well.

Other projects and apps

You can also find my work on GitHub (although truth be told I don't really bother curating it there at all.)