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Me, Josh Collinsworth, an average white guy in a patterned button-up, with a beard, glasses, and a CodePen trucker hat.

Who I am

I'm currently a Frontend Engineer at Deno. Before that, I was a senior frontend developer at Shopify. In my spare time, I love hobby coding; I'm the maker and designer of the word games Quina (iOS/Android/web) and Hondo (iOS/Android/web).

I wrote and maintain an open-source SvelteKit static blog starter (when I have the time, at least—repo/demo), and I still do occasional freelance development and design.

Previously, I worked as a Senior JavaScript developer at Aware3, and as a front-end engineer at WP Engine. Before becoming a full-time dev, I was a senior support lead at Flywheel, and also a course instructor for AIM Code School, where I taught WordPress development, and was solely responsible for both curriculum development and teaching.

As a writer, I authored the CSS Tricks series A Complete Beginner's Guide to NPM, and I enjoy blogging about dev, design and tech (both freelance and here on this site). Occasionally, I get asked to talk about what I write on podcasts.

Before entering tech, I spent a few years as a graphic designer (that's what my degree is in). Prior to that, I was a bartender and server, and regularly gigged as a musician, though that's all been many years ago now.

I moved to the Kansas City area fairly recently, but was in Omaha for several years before that.

Personally, I am a: hobby coder; font hoarder; husband since 2012; dad since 2019 (though notorious for dad jokes since long before); accessibility advocate; DEI accomplice; cold brew aficionado; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter abandoner; Mastodon appreciator; semi-notorious React critic; occasional public speaker and podcast guest; pun enthusiast; curious learner; dog person; lifelong Nintendo fan; musician/guitarist/hack pianist; he/him/his; liberal abuser of semicolons.


Talks and appearances

Conference presentations, trainings, and podcasts


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