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Front-end developer with 7+ years of experience designing, engineering, managing and supporting web applications. Specializing in UI design and user experience, working with JavaScript (especially Vue, Svelte and React), CSS, and responsive, accessible, semantic HTML.



Senior Front End Developer

August 2021 – present

  • Actively participated in discussions of best approaches and practices to optimize scalability of Shopify’s online marketing pages and funnels
  • Executed the conversion of several marketing pages from ERB templates to Hydrogen, Shopify’s internal server-rendered React and GraphQL framework
  • Built out new pages and components using React, TypeScript, and Tailwind, collaborating with designers and stakeholders on implementation and futureproofing
  • Collaborated with designers and UX leaders on customization options for React design components, enabling bespoke designs for individual marketing landing pages within the design system and framework
  • Implemented targeted “home cards,” alerting logged-in users of new features and options based eligibility, determined by locale, language, subscription and/or installed apps
  • Operated as the lead developer on several web page internationalization projects, launching Shopify’s point of sale marketing pages and offerings in Spain, Italy, and Singapore
  • Built out numerous marketing landing pages, including omnichannel selling, showcasing Shopify’s integrated sales channels with video and animation
  • Worked with internal stakeholders to improve SEO and conversions, including implementing A/B testing
  • Collaborated with third-party product owners and API developers to improve Shopify’s Installments product offering
  • Create internal diagnostics tools for troubleshooting third-party API interactions

Various publications

Freelance technical writer

Including articles published for:


Senior JavaScript Developer

February 2021 – August 2021

  • Actively mentored and paired with junior engineers, helping to level up their skills and increase their knowledge and adoption of best practices in front-end, framework, and testing
  • Built out new financial reporting features and filters aimed at giving admin portal users customizable insights into org. finances, giving and transactions (including year-over-year, LYBUNT and SYBUNT)
  • Created and delivered a one-hour training on engineering web accessibility, covering ability types, assistive technologies, semantic HTML, ARIA, WCAG, and inclusive color, text, images and focus
  • Worked with designers to build out design system in Storybook and implement new components in Vue/Knockout, ensuring consistent, pixel-perfect UI, and tight coupling with backend Laravel application data
  • Independently authored unit tests with Karma, Mocha, Chai and Sinon to ensure code reliability
  • Updated visual regression and acceptance tests as needed
  • Initiated a streamlining of the ticketing and pull request processes to improve efficiency and team communication by reducing redundancy by consolidating to a single universal workflow
  • Spearheaded accessibility audits and updates to markup semantics, focus styles, and accessible text
  • Actively participated in GitHub code reviews and applicant code sample reviews

WP Engine

Associate Front-End Engineer

August 2019 – January 2021

  • Collaborated with product managers, designers, back-end engineers, and internal stakeholders to create and improve products used by Flywheel customers and support, with the mission of improving both sides of the support process. Projects included an in-app communications center to enable important messaging direct to impacted users, and a batch edit feature allowing Flywheel support admins to save an estimated 45–90 seconds per site edited
  • Rebuilt Flywheel’s site migration request form and engineered the UI for a Flywheel migration WordPress plugin, increasing self-service and reducing the CS burden of migrations by 35–40% on average
  • Spearheaded an accessibility audit and overhaul of legacy Rails and Vue components, which brought all uses of iconography, links, buttons and focus styles up to accessibility compliance standards; thoroughly updated internal style guide documentation to ensure proper accessibility moving forward
  • Volunteered to singlehandedly build four company micro sites, including for the Rise ERG and its newsletters, and two for all-company retreats called “Fly Fest” (2020 and 2019)
  • Singlehandedly remade the admin side of the Flywheel Rails app to improve UI/UX, bring consistency to iconography, overhaul legacy CSS, and even added a dark mode as a personal passion project
  • Mentored WP Engine’s development intern on processes, Vue, JavaScript, CSS, and code editor tools
  • Acted as interim project manager on two occasions; directed team feature improvements and bug fixes using Jira and GitHub to track and manage progress in an Agile environment
  • Actively participated in code reviews, suggesting improvements, proposing alternatives, and discussing tradeoffs of possible development approaches to problem-solving

Flywheel - Managed WordPress Hosting

Support Technical Lead (Tier 2); Happiness Engineer

September 2015 – August 2019

(Acquired by WP Engine June 2019)

  • Led the US Tier 2 support team, including both local and remote engineers, guiding their work and training in WordPress, PHP, platform technologies such as NGINX and Varnish, and developing tools and resources for leveling up their knowledge and skills, such as a micro web app to assist with complex SQL queries, and in-depth training sessions on SSL, DNS, NGINX, and the Flywheel Cloud Platform architecture
  • Launched a private Chrome extension to add helpful productivity features (and visual themes) to Flywheel’s admin panel, which saves agents an estimated 15–20 minutes of productivity per day; acted as lead developer and maintainer on the project, which is still in use by all Flywheel support agents
  • Developed and taught a “WordPress 101” course to all Flywheel new hires
  • Built a self-driven “who’s who” app built in React using Flywheel’s HR software API to help new and existing employees learn one another’s names and faces in a fun browser game environment
  • Took on sole leadership for developing and maintaining the support team’s internal knowledge base WordPress site, used by all levels, including entry-level engineers new to the tech, and intermediate- to expert-level engineers as a reference on topics ranging from plugins to NGINX , caching and RegEx
  • Developed a set-it-and-forget-it plugin to resolve compatibility issues between some WordPress plugins and themes and the Flywheel Cloud Platform’s file system architecture
  • Authored numerous help guides and trainings, both customer-facing and internal
  • Two-time finalist and one-time winner for all-company support MVP of the year

AIM Code School

WordPress course instructor

September 2015 – July 2018

(Formerly Interface Code School)

  • Solely responsible for creating and delivering curriculum teaching students WordPress with a focus on theme development. Class sizes ranged from 4–12 students, and topics included running WordPress locally, PHP, MySQL, WordPress theming, the template hierarchy, and touched on fundamentals such as web performance, design foundations, and ensuring general accessibility
  • Guided students in-person and remotely as they built custom WordPress sites and themes either as portfolio pieces or for a real-life clients, often meeting the needs of a local nonprofit organization.

David Day & Associates

Graphic designer/WordPress developer

August 2014 – September 2015

  • Designed and implemented brand standards across print and web platforms
  • Worked as lead designer on projects such as a rebrand and unification of two separate practices, now known singularly as Nebraska Spine + Pain Center, and rebranding The Alter Group, a 60-year-old commercial real estate developer, to bring its look and messaging into a modern market
  • Heavily customized WordPress websites based on branding and client needs to ensure future-proof edit-ability without sacrificing brand integrity
  • Participated in discovery sessions, critiques and reviews of concepts and designs
  • Presented finalized design concepts to clients and maintained client communication as needed


  • Proficient with semantic, accessible HTML; strong with responsive CSS/Sass, and ES6+ JavaScript; specialized in Vue, Svelte and SvelteKit, WordPress, SVG, web animation, performance, and optimization.
  • Experienced with React, TypeScript, Tailwind, Knockout, jQuery, JS testing (Karma, Mocha, Chai, framework utility libraries), PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Docker, AWS, RegEx, NGINX, (Varnish) caching, Redux, Storybook, git/GitHub, NPM, Jira, CLIs, DNS, SemVer.



January 2018

Certification: Codecademy Pro Intensive React web app builder course

Interface Web School

Spring 2015

WordPress Developer Certification

Metropolitan Community College

August 2012 – November 2014

Associate’s of Graphic Communication Art and Design