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The need for negative space

8 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Student Design Portfolio

If your portfolio cost less than $20, is so large it can’t fit on a small table when open, is jammed full of huge illustrations and uses Helvetica all over the place, this is something you might want to read.

Dollar sign in a heart

Profit is Not a Value

Any executive or business owner will say their company values integrity, and virtually every company claims that they reward and value their employees exhibiting their brand values.

But is that really accurate?

I’ve heard of a lot of CEOs being fired for failing to turn a profit, so where are all of the CEOs, executives and managers who lost their jobs for failing to adequately exhibit and execute the brand’s core values?

File Types, Compatibility and Clarity

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent some time wondering (and Googling) about the differences between various popular format types commonly used for graphic design applications. So I decided I’d create a resource that’s hopefully a handy reference on the matter of discerning file type supports and behavior.

Design Advice, My Story, and How AIGA Nebraska Changed My Life

The person sitting across from the interview table can see how good your portfolio is. They can see how good the work of all the other applicants is, too. What they can’t see is how you turn up when and where you might be needed, how you build relationships, interact as a member of a community, seek out challenges, reach out to and work with new people.

How being a part of something bigger than yourself is meaningful enough to you to personally take the initiative to make it happen.

Pantone Plus Series coated and uncoated swatch books

Pantone®, Color, and What I Wish I Had Known

One of the most difficult things for me to learn in my transition from the classroom to a professional branding agency was how to properly handle color output. Sure, I knew how to find the Pantone swatch I wanted, but how to properly utilize that swatch and ensure consistency across all media—this was new to me.

So I decided to write this post in the hope of saving you some from some of the pitfalls that I failed to avoid.

Facebook in a hypodermic needle

Social Media, Compulsion, and the 12 Things I Learned on My Break from Facebook

I’m beginning to believe that becoming more connected with everyone is making me less connected with anyone. All that time spent browsing, reading, liking…it has to come from somewhere. Any minute you are or could be in the presence of another human being spent on social media is a minute you’re taking from them and splitting up a dozen, a hundred, or a thousand ways. It’s significantly weakening one good relationship in the name of very slightly strengthening many others.